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  • I just had to feature my friend on Daily Dose of DILF. Seriously though, how handsome is this one??

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  • cornfedmusclepup:



    Him and his partner are some of my body inspirations. Handsome couple

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  • Sit on my motherfuckin face like I am motherfucking Paris Hilton and you’re the motherfucking burger and we’re about to make the fucking hottest burger commercial the world has ever seen… bitch!

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  • londonboy45:

    I’d been invited to a ski weekend with a group of guys I barely knew.  I’d met one of them at the club and we’d become friends.  Of course, I started crushing on one of the older dudes the minute we got to the cabin.  One morning I walked into the bathroom and he was there in the tub.

    "Oh … I’m sorry, the door wasn’t locked," I said quickly and turned to walk out of the room - but not before I got a good glance at his body and the present hanging between his thighs.

    "I left it unlocked hoping you might come in," he said, smiling.  "Why don’t you lock it now, sport." 

    that story though…

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