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  • Here I am stoked about study abroad in Berlin this fall and a possible Corporate Design internship in NYC this summer yet somehow I still feel like none of my success has any correlation to how vacant my romantic landscape feels. Does anyone else feel like their life is going perfectly except for their love life? Message me.

  • I’ve met HIM - THE one

    Shhh, don’t tell him I told you all this. He is kind of everything I’ve been waiting for. He’s kind, he’s caring, he’s generous. He’s a complete gentleman and he has even agreed to grow out his beard because he knows I like beards. All my close friends know this already because I’ve been gushing over him for the past few days. I’ve been waiting a while for a guy like him to come around. He’s not the most adventurous and he’s not particularly fond of spicy food, but he wants to make me happy - truly. For that reason alone, he’s perfect. Anyone who truly wants to keep me safe as their most treasured possession is worth sharing my life with. He and I have a movie date on Monday. Then I’m having over on Friday for a cuddle session to junk tv. I can already tell I want him to be the second dad to my children. I want him to be the guy I bring home on holidays. I want him, and only him, forever.

    This all sounds CRAZY only having just met him this past Wednesday. But all I hear from people who have spent their lives together was that when they met the person they love, they just knew. Well that’s me. I just KNOW. I know this is someone special.

  • Life is Crazy

    So i go from almost driving into gunfire on thursday night to being hit up by Jacques Snyman and now having a twitter conversation with my best friend and Samuel Colt.  What a turn around.  I’m glad to be alive